Made for kids

Built by parents

Greenlight is the debit card for kids that comes with our patent-pending parental controls.  To get started today, download the app!

Flexible control for parents

Pick the exact stores near you where your child can spend--we call it "adding a greenlight." Or let them spend anywhere. Or do a mix between the two, as they get older. All up to you, with our patent-pending parental controls.   

I love that for now I can let my 10-year old spend ONLY at the convenience store down the street, and then gradually expand where he can spend, as he shows he's up to it. - Andy S, Atlanta GA

Safer than cash. Wayyy safer

Cash can be lost, stolen, defaced, or torn.  But a sturdy Greenlight Card comes with your child's name on it. And it can be instantly shut off--from either your phone or your child's--the minute it can't be found. 


Set Greenlight to pay allowances automatically. No more searching for loose change on allowance days!


In a click, get funds to your kid from wherever you have an internet connection.  


Real-time notifications tell you where and when your child just spent. And reporting lets you and your child review spending choices.


Instant Transfer

Alerts & Reports

Get started

Download the Greenlight App and sign up today!