Made for kids

Built by parents

Greenlight is the debit card for kids that comes with our patent-pending parental controls.  To get started today, download the app!

Flexible control for parents

Pick the exact stores near you where your child can spend--we call it "adding a greenlight." Or let them spend anywhere. Or do a mix between the two, as they get older. All up to you, with our patent-pending parental controls.   

I love that for now I can let my 10-year old spend ONLY at the convenience store down the street, and then gradually expand where he can spend, as he shows he's up to it. - Andy S, Atlanta GA

Safer than cash. Wayyy safer

Cash can be lost, stolen, defaced, or torn.  But a sturdy Greenlight Card comes with your child's name on it. And it can be instantly shut off--from either your phone or your child's--the minute it can't be found. 

Real-time notifications tell you where and when your child just spent. And reporting lets you and your child review spending choices.


Set Greenlight to pay allowances automatically. No more searching for loose change on allowance days!

Instant Transfer




In a click, get funds to your kid from wherever you have an internet connection.  

Alerts & Reports

Get started

Download the Greenlight App and sign up today!